Experimental & Applied Psychophysics - Università di Padova

  • The Experimental & Applied Psychophysics group works within the Department of General Psychology of the University of Padova. The group carries investigations in vision, auditory and audiovisual psychophysics with behavioural techniques, interference techniques (TMS), recording of electrophysiological signals (ERPs) and patient studies.
Research activity
  • Many of the group members explore the processing of sensory and perceptual mechanisms producing the formation of perceptual objects. The focus of visual investigations is to shed light on the perception of texture-defined objects. In audition the group investigates the acoustical features conveying information about the objects of everyday world. In audiovisual perception the group investigates the binding of auditory and visual signals in the formation of audiovisual objects.
  • The processing of motion in vision and audition is also a major topic of investigation in this group, as well as the role of past experience in visual perception: Short- and long-term plasticity of the visual system is investigated using perceptual learning, as well as priming and adaptation paradigms. In addition of addressing these issues of basic research, the goal of the group is to exploit the results for the assessment and treatment of sensory deficits (e.g., low-vision).